Home Phone Service

While in this era of technology and Innovation cell phone service is predominant, yet there are several reasons to have home phone service. It’s not only tradition; it still has a valuable purpose.

The first and most important thing that home phone service offers is reliability. Sometimes cell phone service is erratic but home phone service is usually even and consistent because phone line is directly connected to your house.


Another important feature of home phone service is Security. You never know when you need immediate assistance in case of emergency. Calling 911 from home phone is more secure and beneficial in a way that your exact location can be easily traced, which is not possible when you call from cell phone.

Home Phone service offers cheap long distance calls. Some home phone packages even offer unlimited calls at a very feasible rate, thus making you to save extra cost on your phone expense.

onemonthfreephone.com is offering home phone service at a very low price. You can add additional features and services according to your package plan. They are also offering important calling features including call forwarding and call waiting.

So a home phone service is an economical and cost-effective solution to add security and reliability to your life.